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Andromeda, at “The Stage”, do not offer routines, not even we wish to bore you about the process of making: we are free from this.

Each day, each meeting, may be the opportunity to create the newest.

We are makers of light and this happens in a whimsy state of mind: so be ready to embrace creativity and unconventional ideas, and it is just the sake of amusement that lead us to the creation of something unique and lasting.

You are invited to come and visit “The Stage” at our factory, Andromeda in Murano:  the chain’s links from manufacturing process chained to design and final result.

Share with us your visions and ideas of your own: I guess we can meet and make real any of your wishes.

Made for you, made from Andromeda

Made to Amaze.

We would be very please to set with you a private meeting at our factory if you need time to watch, to see, to think and the privacy for it.

Gianluca Vecchi